Samstag, 2. Februar 2019

Ausschreibung "Miniartextil", Como, Italien

Bewerbungsschluss:  31. März 2019

Arte&Arte is organising the 29th edition of Miniartextil, an internationally renowned exhibition of contemporary fiber art. The exhibition will be held in Como, at the former church of San Francesco, and in the former church of San Pietro in Atrio from Saturday 28th September to Sunday 17th November 2019.

The subject of Miniartexil Como 2019 will be POP UP. A pop up is not just a window that opens up to give extra detail on the text. Something that appears to extend, to connect and disconnect, like the build-up and fading of synapses between virtual nerve cells. Pop up is also a crossroads and an exchange, a crossover that may in art be between diverse media that intersect, like the web and woof of fabric in a plurality of languages. Pop up is also analogical, mechanical and physical, like achildren’s book with cut-out information in two or in three dimensions from which may spring another surprising dimension, appearing and becoming something else,as with the magician’s conjuring trick. It is an invention that is almost eight hundredyears old, revitalised, ageless, like the interactivity at the origin of the worldwide web, with its rapid graphic obsolescence.
The following rules apply to the works: they must be original, handmade or made using a technique controlled by the artist, involving the use of textile materials or methodsit may be two or three-dimensional, and its subject shall be that indicated at 2 above).
The size of the work must be 20x20x20 centimetres. The use of passe partout is not permitted. The work should not be made to be hung or supported by a frame and should not require electrical connections.

Pop up has become an interruption, a by now all too predictable advertising window, something to by-pass, a viral perception to get rid of as fast as possible with a mouse click. Is it destructive, malware that interferes with concentration, corrupts the thought environment and the thinking individual, or is it a possible narrative architecture of wonder, of paper, of colours and of shapes? Certainly it is the sudden opening of a window, that can be looked at or through with a different perspective. What has happened here? A miracle: from nothing to every possibility.

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